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Welcome to TKArmour

"Suppliers to Simon Cowel's golden buzzer act on Britains got Talent"

TK Armour UK (TKUK) is the newest Fan made Stormtrooper armour available. We have carefully sculpted our molds to make them accurate, user friendly and affordable. Our helmet is the only 3‑part kit on the market, making it easy to assemble — See for yourself in our Tutorial Videos!

The armour is molded in the traditional 1977 way with the latest model-machines. The finish has the same look and feel as the original with the benefits of faster production and much lower costs.

We can't stress enough! — These are not re-casts copied from existing Stormtrooper armour. Instead bespoke molds have been hand-crafted by highly skilled mold-makers to our exact specifications.

TK Armour UK is made by Stormtrooper fans for the benefit of Stormtrooper fans. Why pay nearly $2,000 for Stormtrooper armour when for the same quality it can cost less? — much less!

Product Shots

Images of the costume kit parts

For a close look at the individual parts from our kits, please feel free to have a look though the gallery section.

Visit the gallery

Assembly Guide

Tutorials Link

A selection of detailed step‑by‑step videos and written tutorials to guide you through the assembly of our kits.

Tutorial Section

Black Armour

New Storm Trooper Black Armour

Our new range of black armour now in stock! Browse our gallery for a closer look.

Visit the gallery


Prepping Stormtroopers for Photo Shoot

Our Stormtrooper out‑fits are approved by Stormtrooper fan clubs around the world. Can be approved following their guidelines.