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Welcome to TKArmour

New 2018 model available for ordering now!

25 Changes made to the 2018 model, including 10 New Moulds, 5 Extra Parts and 2 Optional Parts for Free!

Some of the New Improvements

Helmet Improvements

  • Flat green lenses
    Now with 1mm thick flexible acrylic, can be bent and glued for a rounder eye.
  • Helmet Tube Stripes
    Shortened to 18mm in height and including 4 extra stripes as spares.
  • Helmet Face
    New mould with more defined teeth and a thicker neck section to strengthen and reduce defects.

Body Improvements

  • Biceps
    Trimmed to fit together as butt joints with new 15mm wide cover strips.
  • Forearms
    New moulds with finer detailed rectangular holes, trimmed to fit 15mm cover strips.
  • See for many more improvements....

Added Extras

  • Split Rivets
    9 split rivets with domed heads have been included for assembling the Abdomen, knee sniper plate and trapezoid.
  • Male Snaps
    3 male snaps have been added, 2 for the Posterior armour and 1 for the right corner of the Abdomen plate.

Product Shots

Images of the costume kit parts

For a close look at the individual parts from our kits, please feel free to have a look though the gallery section.

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Assembly Guide

Tutorials Link

A selection of detailed step‑by‑step videos and written tutorials to guide you through the assembly of our kits.

Tutorial Section


Prepping Stormtroopers for Photo Shoot

Our Stormtrooper out‑fits are approved by Stormtrooper fan clubs around the world. Can be approved following their guidelines.